Stormwater Management

At Birkenhead, we have a comprehensive management programme in place to recycle stormwater on site, reducing our use of mains water. This includes having six main catchment areas strategically placed around the site to maximise the volume of stormwater we recycle.

Water recycling

As well as stormwater, we capture water run-off from our truck washes that is also recycled on site.

Water that contains traces of silt is typically treated through sedimentation, catchment and filtration systems, including surface and underground sumps, settling ponds and reeds that improve the water quality.

Wetland-DuckTreated and captured water is then used to irrigate gardens around the site or recycled into our wetlands/stormwater catchment areas, including Schroder Park and our southern wetland areas.

The wetlands provide an excellent habitat for a wide range of native flora and fauna. Schroder Park is also a popular place for the community and local schools to come and visit. 

The continuous supply of quality recycled water to our wetlands and gardens ensures the healthy ecosystem is maintained all year round, allowing plants and wildlife to flourish.

Plants On SiteFuture Plans

A comprehensive study is currently underway to help us identify and further enhance our stormwater management and water recycling at Birkenhead.

There are also plans to relocate our southern stockpiles, which would reduce the suspended soils loads in the area and result in improved quality of stormwater runoffs.

We are committed to continually finding ways to conserve water at Birkenhead and have a Water Efficiency Team dedicated to identifying improvements.

Community Engagement

The Adelaide Brighton Cement Birkenhead Plant Community Engagement Plan 2018 V2 is now available. The Community Engagement Plan is intended to be an ongoing collaborative working document. All feedback from the community is welcome. View our Community Engagement Plan V2 here. Community feedback can be sent to more >>

Environmental Improvement Programme (EIP)

Please follow the link to view our latest EPA approved Environmental Improvement Programme. more >>

Live Ambient Particulate Monitoring Data

Adelaide Brighton Cement maintains two ambient air quality particulate monitors located in the local community at Gunn Street and the ABC Community Park on Alfred Street. To view the monitoring data click on the following link. more >>