Sponsorships & Donations

We provide sponsorships or donations to community and not-for-profit organisations to support their important work within our local area.

Organisations we have recently supported include:


Little Athletics Sa


Adelaide Brighton Cement and SA Little Athletics working together to promote a happy, healthy lifestyle for kids in South Australia.

South Australia's smallest athletes will benefit from a new partnership between Adelaide Brighton Cement and Little Athletics SA.

Adelaide Brighton Cement is thrilled to announce a new partnership as a major sponsor with the South Australian Little Athletics Association for the 2017/2018 season.

Adelaide Brighton Cementsponsor a number of not for profitorganisations throughout SouthAustralia and are excited to nowmake a positive contribution to suchan important grassroots sport.

The partnership with Little Athleticsis a great fit because, like AdelaideBrighton Cement, Little Athleticsinvests at a local level to buildstronger local communities. At LittleAthletics, large numbers of parentsare required to operate a LittleAthletics Centre providing the basisfor close community involvement.

It's important to Adelaide BrightonCement that all of their sponsor partners create a better future for South Australians - and LittleAthletics certainly does that!

Thank you from Largs North Kindergarten

Largs North Kindergarten2Largs North Kindergarten

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Thank you from Le Fevre Kindergarten

Birkenhead -thanks

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Community Engagement

The Adelaide Brighton Cement Birkenhead Plant Community Engagement Plan 2018 V2 is now available. The Community Engagement Plan is intended to be an ongoing collaborative working document. All feedback from the community is welcome. View our Community Engagement Plan V2 here. Community feedback can be sent to BirkenheadCommunity@adbri.com.au more >>

Environmental Improvement Programme (EIP)

Please follow the link to view our latest EPA approved Environmental Improvement Programme. more >>

Live Ambient Particulate Monitoring Data

Adelaide Brighton Cement maintains two ambient air quality particulate monitors located in the local community at Gunn Street and the ABC Community Park on Alfred Street. To view the monitoring data click on the following link. more >>