Maintenance Shutdown

2018 Annual Maintenance Shutdown

Our annual 2018 maintenance shutdown dates are:

7 January through to the 1 February 2018

Planned routine maintenance activities included the demolition and replacement of refractory linings inside the kiln, preheater towers and general maintenance of associated equipment.

The following environmental controls and monitoring will be undertaken during the shutdown:

  • Refractory demolition activities will only be undertaken between 7am - 10pm
  • ABC staff will regularly assess noise emissions from the site for residential impacts

The 2018 Birkenhead shutdown will involve up to 300 employees and contractors working on a 24/7 basis.

A Key Environmental Improvement project in this shutdown will be the complete installation of gas condition spray system on both the 4A Bypass and the 4A Gas Conditioning Towers (GCT) to improve site stack emissions

Kiln maintenance shutdowns are a critical part of our overall plant performance and reliability. Each year we undergo a month long, major maintenance shutdown at our Birkenhead Plant. During this time we carry out all necessary maintenance to ensure the efficiency of operations.

MaintenanceAs temperatures inside the kiln typically reach 1500 degrees, various components are under enormous strain throughout the year. In between shutdowns we strive to minimise stoppages as part of our broader efforts to reduce any impacts our operations could have on the environment and surrounding communities.

During a shutdown period, we continue to supply product to our customers by producing cement from stockpiles of clinker.

During shutdowns we have a significant influx of contractors to the site - up to 300 at any time. With so many personnel on site, health and safety is a key focus. Any contractor performing duties at the Birkenhead Plant must undergo a safety and environmental induction which ensures all contractors are aware of environmental impacts that might arise during the maintenance shutdown.

Community Engagement

The Adelaide Brighton Cement Birkenhead Plant Community Engagement Plan 2018 V2 is now available. The Community Engagement Plan is intended to be an ongoing collaborative working document. All feedback from the community is welcome. View our Community Engagement Plan V2 here. Community feedback can be sent to more >>

Port Adelaide BoatFest

Adelaide Brighton Cement is delighted to be a major sponsor of the inaugural Port Adelaide BoatFest to be held on the 13 and 14 October 2018. For further details click on the following link. more >>

Live Ambient Particulate Monitoring Data

Adelaide Brighton Cement maintains two ambient air quality particulate monitors located in the local community at Gunn Street and the ABC Community Park on Alfred Street. To view the monitoring data click on the following link. more >>