At Adelaide Brighton Cement, we are aware of health concerns from our neighbouring residents in relation to emissions from the Birkenhead Plant.

The results of our independent monitoring and analysis program (EPA licence condition) of the stacks at Birkenhead Plant, show that all emissions are well below the Environmental Protection Air Quality Policy (1994) and relevant national guidelines.

Employee Health

We are committed to maintaining a safe, productive and healthy work environment for all employees. There has been no evidence of ABC employee's health being impacted as a result of working at the plant, despite thousands of people being employed at the site over many decades.

Employees undergo a range of regular annual health checks, including lung function testing, hearing tests, eyesight and skin checks, As part of the annual health monitoring regime, personnel also wear individual monitoring devices from time to time to check particulate exposure at the site.

Community Engagement

The Adelaide Brighton Cement Birkenhead Plant Community Engagement Plan 2018 V2 is now available. The Community Engagement Plan is intended to be an ongoing collaborative working document. All feedback from the community is welcome. View our Community Engagement Plan V2 here. Community feedback can be sent to more >>

Frequently Asked Questions On Health

The Birkenhead plant and the local community have co-existed for over 100 years, with a large number of residents working for Adelaide Brighton Cement and living in the area. The local community often ask questions on the topic of health. We have prepared a list of frequently asked health questions. more >>

Environmental Improvement Program

Adelaide Brighton Cement maintains an ongoing Environmental Improvement Plan (EIP). The EIP is endorsed by the Environment Protection Authority and developed in consultation with the Community Liaison Group to continuously improve on our environmental footprint. To view the latest EIP please follow the link more >>