Vibration Study Completed

During 2016, an independent study and impact assessment was undertaken to determine if vibrations could be detected in neighbouring residential areas and if there were any associated impacts.

Leading independent external consultant firm, Resonate Acoustics, was engaged to initiate and manage this program. The first phase was to determine the plant ground vibration levels both during and after the March 2016 plant shutdown. Three ground vibration monitors were placed along the Adelaide Brighton Cement boundary on Victoria Road and in the centre of the main plant to determine the associated vibration levels.

The initial report identified vibrations from traffic on nearby roads and other activities are generally higher than the vibrations likely attributable to Adelaide Brighton Cement, and that transient events, such as traffic, are likely to have a higher impact than baseline vibration levels attributable to the plant.

The second phase of the project included an independent community survey and technical assessment of the adjacent neighbourhood to identify the subsequent residential properties to be tested for ground vibrations. Community Liaison Group resident members, in conjunction with Adelaide Brighton Cement and the consultants, developed the scope of the survey questionnaires.

The final phase of the study was to undertake internal vibration monitoring of six residences directly adjacent the main plant. The survey and residential locations tested were conducted and chosen by the independent consultants to ensure full confidentially and impartiality.

The report also identified that short term higher vibration measurements were due to localised activity adjacent to the vibration monitors or vehicle movements on the adjacent Victoria Road. The EPA has indicated it is satisfied with the outcomes of the study and has noted that there are no further actions required.

Resonate Acoustics, presented its findings to the Community Liaison Group open meeting on December 5, 2017, and all residents who participated in the survey and the subsequent residential testing have been informed of the results.

Community Engagement

Seeking community input in the development of a Community Engagement Plan. As a local resident, we encourage you to let us know how you feel we can improve our community engagement activities. You can provide your feedback via the ‘Contact Us’ page, or alternatively through the resident members of the Community Liaison Group. We also welcome you to review our communication initiatives on this site. more >>

Frequently Asked Questions On Health

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