New Elder Road Truck Wash

Following the completion of the Port River Expressway and the Tom Diver Derrick Bridge, Elder Road (adjacent the Port River) became a "no through road".

As a result, trucks no longer had easy access to the previous truck wash facility having to go out of their way to wash their vehicles.

The new truck wash provides easy access for trucks to be washed before leaving our site, thereby reducing airborne dust from the top of truck loading chutes and tyres being transported onto the roads and into the adjacent neighbourhood.

In 2014, a fully automated truck wash facility was built with key features including;

  • A fully automated traffic control system.
  • Wheel and chassis cleaning.
  • Full body wash.

The truck wash has a recycling capability of up to 95% of water used, recycling approximately 20 million litres of water per annum, which is the equivalent of water used by approximately 170 domestic households annually.

New Elder Road truck wash

Community Engagement

Seeking community input in the development of a Community Engagement Plan. As a local resident, we encourage you to let us know how you feel we can improve our community engagement activities. You can provide your feedback via the ‘Contact Us’ page, or alternatively through the resident members of the Community Liaison Group. We also welcome you to review our communication initiatives on this site. more >>

Frequently Asked Questions On Health

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Adelaide Brighton Cement “Women in Industry” Open Day

Adelaide Brighton Cement Birkenhead Plant welcomed 20 female Year 10 students from Mount Carmel College in Rosewater to its inaugural ''Women in Industry'' Open Day, which was officiated by the Hon Susan Close MP, Member for Port Adelaide, Minister for Education and Child Development and Minister for Higher Education and Skills. For more information please follow the link more >>